I'd like to give the warmest welcome...

Hi!!  *goofywaveandgoofiergrin*

My name is Angela and I would love to welcome you to my newest endeavor, obsession, passion, guilty pleasure... *insert better adjective here*:  BEHIND THE WORDS REVIEWS!!

I have to tell you, this has been a long time coming!  As a vivid reader with the wildest imagination, I have longed to create a personal YA Book Review Blog for nearly 4 years now, when I began to discover some of the greatest blogs known to any YA reader, like: The Story Siren, Bewitched Bookworms, Book Chick City, I Swim For Oceans, etc...  I've always loved books, especially the YA genre, and have found immense pleasure in sharing my latest recommendations by word-to-mouth and watching as friends open their eyes and get lost in a book, then become so excited when they came back to me, begging to talk about it and to ask for more recommendations.  That's when I realized that I wanted to reach MORE people, especially all of my online and distant friends...  For the longest time, I kept psyching myself out and putting it off and allowing life to get in the way, as I'm sure you all can understand and relate to.

BUT NOT ANYMORE!  Enough is enough!  I am FINALLY going to do something purely for myself, something that excites me and brings back the pure joy of reading and writing into my life.  I am putting myself out there for the entire world to listen to (or possibly skim over, whichever works.)  With the help, encouragement and teachings of one of my closest friends Kayla (owner of Shattered Memories Reviews), B-T-W has become reality!

So if you're a proud book nerd like me, looking for a fun time and honest opinions, I invite you to join in!  Feel free to look over my reviews and navigation pages (where you can find more about me, as well as my book review policy), add me through your social networks, subscribe to this blog via email or rss, and hopefully be just as excited as we journey through uncharted territories and dig our way BEHIND the magical words of our most beloved authors and series!  It's going to be a lot of fun, so stick around!!!

~Angela. @_behindthewords